Handmade knives Handmade knives

Handmade knives

High-quality kitchen knives made of stainless steel, hunting and outdoor knives suitable for the forest, but also damascus knives that you will regret using... all these are Palove knives, a brand with a sense of beauty and detail, which comes to you from Slovakia/EU.

Our goal and philosophy

Our goal and philosophy

The knife is one of the oldest and most used tools in the history of mankind. A prehistoric hunter, a medieval warrior, but also today's chef or hunter, using handmade, high-quality knives made of steel produced by powder metallurgy, always emphasized that his knife was sharp and always at hand. The goal and philosophy of our brand is for Palove knives to be the first and ideally the only choice in the kitchen.

Quality materials are the basis

Quality materials are the basis

I have been making knives for 10 years, and together with my wife and several reliable suppliers, we offer Japanese knives, such as Santoku or Nakiri, in a modern design, classic European-style kitchen knives, but also knives for the outdoors, which will ensure your attention around the fire. These are all Slovak handcrafted knives made from high-quality materials. We use cutting-edge technologies with a focus on details in their production. We offer the possibility of custom engraving according to the customer's wishes, as well as the option to add an original wooden sheath. All of this at a reasonable price.

They wrote about me

I bought a beautiful knife as a gift for my father, thank you Palo for a great and professional job. He liked the knife very much.

Andrej Soltes

Super knives from super Palo. I bought the knife as a gift for my fiance, who had been looking at these knives for a long time. He was very pleased with the gift and is already implementing it in the kitchen on a large scale. :)) Palo is otherwise very willing and I would like to thank him once again! :)

Carolina Cardoso

I already had the second knife made and I am very satisfied. Precise work, luxurious design, personal approach. The price is proportional to the quality. well thank you

Chut od Naty

Pavol is a master. I ordered a santoku knife. A knife made by hand, with such high quality and precision, is an art. In addition, the presentation and packaging were perfect. Palove knives are the Apple of knives.

Gustav Simon

A very nice experience, from ordering, fine-tuning the details, communication to the result, which was really breathtaking. It met all my expectations and I would recommend Palove knives to anyone

Simona Balogova

If you are looking for a great knife with a unique design, then Palove knives are the best choice. Custom made craft knife. Absolute satisfaction.

Kamil Tomcofcik

A beautiful knife with its own design, which I designed myself. Palko beautifully applied it to the blade and the perfect gift was born. The husband was delighted.

Ivana Jakabovičová

The husband found a knife from Palko as a gift under 🌲. As a professional chef, he appreciated its design, quality, sharpness and the fact that it fits perfectly in the hand. We definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for not only quality, but also a beautiful design. It's certainly not the last here 😉

Maria Zahon

I kept cursing when I had to cut something at home, my knives were a disaster. Then a short distance from Pali came into the household, and cutting and slicing is a joy. And it's also a joy for the eyes. If you are looking for a reliable and aesthetic knife, I definitely recommend Palove knives

Lulu K

Keby sa dalo dal by som aj šesť hviezdičiek. Palo je veľmi šikovný a milý. Vyrobil skvelý nôž, super komunikácia. Fakt že veľká spokojnosť. Ešte raz jedno veľké ďakujem

Filip Výpala