Japanese knives

The best Japanese kitchen knives are of course hand-forged from traditional materials (carbon steel) and are mainly intended for connoisseurs who know how to take care of them and can appreciate their workmanship and performance (at a price that is also "worth it"). Our knives are the Japanese ones - Santoku or Nakiri - inspired mainly by the shape, the design of which we adapted to practical everyday use and, of course, functionality, but otherwise they are made in the European way.

We have replaced the Japanese Wa handle (a round handle into which the blade is inserted) with the European Yo (two pieces - an attachment or a blackboard - with a blade in the middle, connected by rivets), which allows us to work better with ergonomics.

Unlike those traditional "Japanese" blades, our blades are cut and hand-ground from high-quality stainless steel, which has excellent properties and does not require any special maintenance (but beware of dishwashers).

Damascus Japanese knives? - No problem

We don't avoid the popular knives made of Damascus steel, either stainless steel or carbon.

It's simple, we can handle the blue ones from the sky.