Palove knives

Handcrafting knives has fascinated me for almost 10 years, even though I have only been working professionally for two. The first knives could not be compared with today's knives, but I left a piece of myself in each of them, and I think that many of them make their owners (mostly gifted) happy to this day. The moment I started selling knives, both outdoor and kitchen, I realized that the way to success is to use the highest quality materials available, be it steel or handle.

A design that will capture your heart

Gradually, kitchen knives in particular went through a series of design changes, the task of which was to fine-tune the functionality and "beauty" of individual types. The handles were continuously changed in small steps, because ergonomics and a comfortable hold are the basis, but also the shapes of the blades to satisfy not only cooks, but also lovers of elegance and graceful curves. And so today, I am already satisfied with the knives.

Small series production, but also custom knives

Although most of our knives are no longer cut and polished with flexo in the workshop, but laser-burned at our supplier, we still offer the opportunity to design a complete knife, from the type and choice of steel (Damascus, carbon or stainless steel), to the color and material of the handle to the sheath. This means that even the most demanding customer will not leave without the best and most beautiful knife made just for him.