Hunting knives

The first handmade knife I created ten years ago was intended for nature. I don't know if any hunter would choose it, but I think that many a scout or tramp would reach for it. Despite the fact that we currently try to offer knives according to a standard template, we are open, especially for outdoor knives, as well as custom production.

above 230€ I am interested


within 2 weeks

Nothing is impossible - steel, wood, leather

For us, hand-forged, Damascus or knives made of high-tech materials are a challenge that we are happy to accept. Of course, the color of the handle, which is typical for us, a distinctive and possibly original engraving and practical leather cases from another master from Štiavnica are a matter of course.
In addition to hunters, scouts, tourists and fishermen, forest workers and bamboo growers will also come in handy😊  Seriously, we can also make very practical Nata (I use one in the garden myself), that is, axes-like tools used for harvesting bamboo and cutting bushes.