About the production of knives

The production of a custom knife takes from 1-6 weeks (depending on whether we have hardened blades in stock or it is necessary to send the stainless steel blade to be hardened in a vacuum furnace in the Czech Republic). In all circumstances, we try to accommodate you, even in the case of tight deadlines.

Work progress


Cut out by laser, but also hand forged, polished and sent for hardening. It is then leveled, sandblasted, tapped, annealed, etched, satin-finished and finally sharpened to 25-30 degrees.

An important part of finalizing the blade is laser engraving - practically any motif is included in the price.

Despite the number of production steps, it may have visible sanding grooves or hammer marks, it is handmade :)



The material for the handle is always high-quality wood, preferably stabilized, colored - maple, poplar, birch, ash or hard, natural wood such as ebony, olive, agate, oak or walnut. In case of a specific request, we can also supply "plastic" (juma, corian, acrylic ester, etc.)

We select the material from the current offer and adapt it to the client's needs.


Gluing and riveting

The handle is fixed with 2 to 3 pieces of rivets (brass, stainless steel), secured with hidden rivets (6 - 7 pieces) and glued with top-quality 2-component epoxy glue.


Surface treatment

Before the end of production, the natural wood is impregnated with tung oil (with an admixture of orange oil) and painted with beeswax. Stabilized wood has a surface treated with TopOlej approved for contact with food.



It is possible to do basically any laser engraving on the blade. Text, initials, picture or graphic. We can't engrave photos but we can do something with that too. We don't engrave on the handle. Hunting and outdoor knives are usually engraved deep while kitchen "surface" (black color in hundredths of a millimeter, so it cannot be scratched by normal, gentle washing).



The knives are supplied with a wooden case made of birch wood with hand-painted motifs (so-called Saya).

Hunting and outdoor knives have a sheath made of high-quality leather.



The knife is packed in a strong cardboard tube, which can be used as a gift package without opening it (it does not contain an invoice, only warranty conditions, just stick a bow :) and delivered by courier + €10.